Episode 64 - leveraging technology and mindfulness in your entrepreneurial journey

Whether you’re a small business owner or a serial entrepreneur, turn your anxiety into achievement with Pam Karlen as she sheds light on the world of resilience and mindfulness techniques that can transform your daily stress into daily successes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been “spinning plates” for a while or just starting out: you’ll discover how to streamline your process and soothe your mind.

Pam Karlen is a marketing expert and entrepreneur who excels in creating efficient systems and reducing stress. They discuss the powerful role of digital processes (funnels) in business, common anxieties associated with tech, and the importance of being present and mindful. Pam shares insights on how automated systems can act as your 24/7 sales agents, while also touching on personal strategies for managing anxiety and staying focused. Gain practical advice on leveraging digital tools for business efficiency and personal calm.

Some questions they answer include: 

    • What are some practical tips for overcoming the anxiety associated with tech in business?
    • How can mindfulness and presence transform your professional and personal life?
    • What role does visibility play in leveraging digital marketing tools effectively?
    • How can entrepreneurs manage multiple tasks without feeling overwhelmed or anxious?
  • And so much more!

What do I need to relieve this anxiety? Do (I) take time to pause and take a breath?…I can be taught. I can learn. I can figure something else out.   ~ Pam Karlen

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