episode 12 - How to Authentically Declutter & Organize

“Getting organized is NOT a “one-size-fits-all” proposition!”  ~ Mel Trumble

And that’s good news!  In today’s episode, I’m talking about different personal characteristics to think about as you continue to organize your environment.


Think about::

  • What kind of organizer are you?
  • What kind of environment is most productive for you?
  • How are you motivated?
  • How do you handle disruptions or changes? 
  • Are you a big-picture person or a detail person?

All of these qualities count; take time to think them through and then move forward.

Remember: any new system or process you try will take time. So be kind to yourself in the process – intentions DO matter!


“Organization gives us a clean slate to start and continue our important work!”   ~ Mel Trumble


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