episode 13 - Managing our Emotions By Managing Digital Organization

In this fascinating conversation, guest Alex Brzozowoski and I talk about the shift Alex has seen that her customers have made as they work through getting organized digitally. I mean, whoda’ thunk, right?


By processing digital memories, many people have found that they also work through the emotions and messages that remain from those events. Fascinating stuff! Alex also shares her own journey of dealing with personal memories that required some “attention”. Lots of snippets to learn from and apply to your own life…


“When someone shows you who they are, [pay attention].”Maya Angelou 

“It’s just like with emotions…we can understand and expect that they’re coming, but there are methods and tools we can and should use to manage them.” – Melissa Trumble

“Once they’ve let this part of their life go and let go of the baggage, it’s amazing to see the weight that’s been lifted from them…” – Alex Brzozowoski


Alex Brzozowoski is the founder of Be Organizing, a company of professional digital organizers. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, their goal is to help people free up time to do what they love by bringing order and efficiency to their digital life.


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