BONUS EPISODE Get Out of Her *#$& Way Summit with Tracey Lee

Guest Tracey Lee, a Women’s Empowerment Coach, and Mel discuss some crucial topics in this engaging conversation. From the importance of taking control of your life, to doing the necessary work to realize your personal power, this episode is filled with
inspiring advice and practical strategies.

Explore the concept of a life audit, and be encouraged to move personal growth to the top of your list. Stay tuned to the end when they discuss the upcoming “Get Out of Her Damn Way” Summit, which not only includes workshops from 20 different speakers, but a free book and the opportunity to participate in a life-changing “giving back”

We don’t change unless there’s something worth changing for… ~ Tracey Lee

Some other concepts they discuss are:
● The difference between asking for permission and asking for support
● How to rise up from the bottom of the pile
● Where momentum actually starts and what it does for you
● Strategies for reconnecting to yourself

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Sept 27-29, 2023

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