Are you ready to rock authentic joyous living?

I spent DECADES struggling to break free of seeing only obstacles and barriers. Now that I have a system for defeating that perspective, I am sharing it with as many people as possible because there is zero reason to live joylessly, zero reason to live masquerading as anyone other than your beautiful, miraculous self.





Here’s a tip free of charge - you are not your past. You can work through it.

Hi, my name is mel trumble. I’m the Founder at zfg living.

Hello, ya beautiful creature! Thanks for popping into my corner o’ goodness. Are you a high achieving entrepreneur or professional who is overwhelmed by incessant demands in your personal life? Perhaps tasks mushroom as your parents age and your kids’ needs ramp up.

If you want to overcome your obstacles, both internally and the onslaught of responsibilities in your personal life, check out the Chill Out Boss! program, below. Using my proven methods you can absolutely defeat overwhelm, prioritize yourself, and take control of your life.

Chill Out, Boss! How to Defeat Overwhelm and Take Control of Your Life: Mel's 6-month program for you!

In this 6-month program you start with a 90-minute 1:1 call with Mel, then meet weekly for coaching sessions. You will have weekly videos, a host of helpful digital support materials, monthly masterminds & workshops. You will learn proven methods to live joyously and authentically on the daily.

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let's work together

6-week program

6-week program

  • Talk with Mel weekly directly on video coaching sessions to rock answers to your questions and get expert guidance
  • Skyrocket your confidence, resilience, and self-awareness as you see how you will transform in this intensive six-week program.
  • Access to Mel and her team via community group to get your questions answered outside of coaching sessions. 
  • Exclusive community access to others who are rocking their transformations. 

group coaching

  • Talk with your coach directly on biweekly video coaching sessions to get answers to questions and directions.
  • Gain confidence, resilience, and self-awareness as you indentify who you are and who you desire to become.
  • Gain insight from group members as all of you move forward to becoming your future badass selves.
  • Rock community and connection with peple like you who are choosing to live joyously and authentically.
  • Enjoy being held accountable so your momentum propels you through transform.

VIP day

  • Travel to a beautiful setting to create a quantum leap in your development.
  • Work one on one with Mel for a full day to unlock your authentic, joy-filled life.
  • Gain clarity and better understanding as you communicate in persn, seeing body language you just cannot see in virtual coaching sessions.
  • Nourish your body as well as your heart and mind with a scenic walk and delicious food.

private coaching

  • Unleash your transformation faster with your coach’s complete focus on you in every call.
  • Roar into resilience as your confidence soars aloingside your self-awareness.
  • Have direct access to your coach via messaging outside of your calls. Weekly calls with your coach to keep yourself accountable and focused on your tranformation journey.
  • Recordings of all calls available.