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Episode 61 - The motivated mastermind, with J. Miller

Relentless optimism and a warrior’s resilience can transform everyday challenges into triumphs of the human spirit. Tune in as J. Miller shares his inspiring tips and secrets to staying unstoppable, no matter what life throws your way!

Episode 60 - Does mental health diagnosis matter?

If you’ve ever wondered if your quirks and struggles actually have a deeper meaning, a mental health diagnosis might be just the ticket to transform your understanding of yourself and your capabilities!

Episode 59 - Generation S - Closing the gaps in mental health

Feeling lost in the post-pandemic world? Join us as we dive deep into the challenges and unique opportunities of Generation S—those who came of age during COVID-19. Discover how to overcome social gaps, enhance your mental health, and build a resilient, thriving future. 

Episode 58 - cultivating an unbreakable mindset

What separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest? It’s not just about having a brilliant idea or impeccable skills; it’s about cultivating an unbreakable mindset. 

Mel explores the secrets of resilience, persistence, and the power of mindset, as she unlocks the doors to unstoppable success and a joyously amazing life.

Episode 57 - overcoming common fears of entrepreneurs

Ever wondered why the path of entrepreneurship feels like a roller coaster? 

From the dread of failure to the anxiety of financial insecurity, Mel unravels the essence of entrepreneurial fears and how to transform them into opportunities to move forward.

Episode 56 - a crucial conversation about mental health and mLMs

Meredith Adams, a former multi-level marketing (MLM) participant turned owner of Cactus Girl Media, delves into her harrowing experience with an MLM scheme and her remarkable path to recovery and success. Meredith’s story is one of immense struggle, facing years of manipulation and stress that took a toll on her mental and physical health.

However, through sheer will and a transformative realization, she managed to pivot her career towards a passion-driven enterprise, specializing in photography, copywriting, and ultimately, helping others craft compelling personal brand stories.

Episode 55 - Your Business Scare You? Welcome to the entrepreneur club!

Imagine standing at the edge of a towering cliff, the vast unknown stretching out before you. This is the precipice of entrepreneurship, where every step is a leap into uncertainty.

Mel dives deep into the myriad challenges and fears unique to entrepreneurs, whether they operate solo or with a team. She emphasizes the significance of cultivating confidence and resilience in the face of constant change, including unexpected events.

Episode 54 - Facing fear and cultivating confidence: essential strategies for entrepreneurs

Ready to rewrite the subconscious programming holding you back from your entrepreneurial potential? This episode is your guide to cultivating grit, embracing abundance, and turning failures into stepping stones.

Mel dives deep into the crucial role of mindset in entrepreneurial success, explaining how understanding and reprogramming one’s subconscious can lead to an intentional, aligned, and joyful life.

Episode 53 - Is your makeup killing you? with tammy doering

As an advocate for natural living, author and entrepreneur Tammy Doering advocates for a shift away from chemically laden products and towards natural, toxin-free living, including food, beauty products, and lifestyle choices.

During the conversation with Mel, Tammy stressed the need for education and awareness about the toxic effects of many common beauty and household products, advocating for informed choices and a return to natural ingredients.

Episode 52 - Entrepreneurship and Mental health: be open to the opportunities, with iris goldfeder

In today’s conversation, Mel and her guest, Iris Goldfeder, discuss the intertwining of mental health and entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of resilience, self-awareness, and strategic thinking in overcoming challenges. Iris shares her personal journey through significant struggles, including health scares and professional setbacks, and how these experiences led to personal growth and business success. Other highlights include a discussion of strategies for managing negative emotions, the power of manifestation, and the importance of aligning work with personal values and mental health needs.

Episode 51 - Careering with ADHD, with shell mendelson

Mel talks to Shell Mendelson, who is an author and career counselor specializing in assisting adults with ADHD. They discuss her personal journey with ADHD, including the challenges she faced as an entrepreneur and the realization of her passion for career counseling. Shell highlights the importance of understanding one’s needs and preferences in a career, especially for those with ADHD, and offers insights into making career choices that align with one’s feelings and aspirations. Shell emphasizes the shift from being a job seeker to a creator, advocating for self-awareness and the empowerment of individuals in their career paths.

Episode 50 - All About Money, honey, with joanna howat

If THIS is the year you’re determined to get your mindset about money on a healthy track, listen in as Mel Trumble and her guest, Joanna Howat, discuss the financial coaching program that Joanna is involved in, focusing on helping people save money and change their mindset toward finances.

The coaching program involves prompts and group discussions on topics such as debt and mental health and has had a positive impact on Joanna’s life.

They also discuss the importance of finding a system that works for an individual’s needs and how budgeting is a part of the program that Joanna attended. (Pro-tip: start small by setting up a savings account or using a piggy bank, and prioritize expenses before cutting your spending!)

Episode 49 - Journaling 101 and Making intentional choices, with nikie piper

In this inspiring conversation, Mel engages in a deep and enlightening conversation with journaling expert Nickie Piper. Nickie shares her personal journey of transformation through the power of journaling, discussing how it helped her overcome depression, debt, and a difficult divorce. The episode delves into the art of journaling, its therapeutic potential, and its role in personal development.

Some questions they discuss are:

* What strategies can I use with journaling to move from negative to positive visualization?

* How does journaling influence mental health and personal development?…

Episode 48 - decisions, decisions...and how we make them, with kim deyoung

Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and intentional choice with a fascinating guest who will challenge your decision-making style. Embracing intentional choice can lead to improved decision-making skills and the confidence to make choices that align with your authentic self.

Our choices are everywhere from am I having tea or coffee…to spending this time together with bigger picture conversations. – Kim DeYoung

In this episode, author Kim DeYoung, author of The Book of Choice: Mapping the Life You Want by Understanding the Life You Have, and Mel share their personal experiences as they discuss…

Episode 47 - Recover from Burnout by knowing you're "unapologetically enough", with carrie severson

Are you struggling with burnout and feeling like you’re not enough? Join us as we explore the power of self-care, breathwork, and simple techniques to reclaim your inner strength and peace. Carrie Severson, author and creator of the Enoughness Method, talks about burnout, emotional self-regulation, and more.

She and Mel dispel some common myths, such as: “You have to keep pushing through to be successful, “Self-care is selfish,” and “Inner enoughness comes from external validation.” You’ll learn about her new program and explore how she can help you recover from burnout – and be even better than before!

Episode 46 - Navigating Seasons of Change Gracefully, with Marina Tselner

In today’s conversation, Marina and Mel dive deep into the heart of what makes us human: community and creativity. In today’s ever-changing world, finding healing and strength in these two pillars is more crucial than ever. They share personal stories and insights about the rollercoaster of moving homes and the unexpected ways it can stretch our relationships.

If you’re seeking inspiration, support, or just a friendly voice to guide you through life’s ups and downs, you’re in the right place. Join us as we explore the power of togetherness and the magic of creative solutions in navigating life’s biggest challenges. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Episode 45 - barking up the right tree: mental health lessons from a puppy trainer, with sarah lowell

In this episode, Mel had the pleasure of sitting down with Sarah Lowell, a seasoned expert in the world of pet training and communication, to talk about her innovative teaching method for pet owners. Tune in to discover how this approach can transform your relationship with your furry friend. Here are some key takeaways from their engaging discussion:

  • Discover the heart of Sarah’s approach: how she focuses as much on the owner as she does on their pet. 
  • Learn about the crucial role of consistency in puppy training. Discover how routines and schedules are your secret weapons to expedite your puppy’s learning journey and foster good behavior….

Episode 44 - What's Behind the Healthy Money Mindset, with Audrey Faust

Step into a thought-provoking episode with Mel and Audrey as they explore the crucial link between mindset work and financial security. They discuss the importance of emotionally connecting with financial concepts for effective learning and understanding….

Episode 43 - From Bankruptcy to Brilliance: Redefining Success, with Jennifer Bloome

Ever felt stuck in life’s tough times? Discover how Mel Trumble and Jennifer Bloome turned their bankruptcy experiences into a journey of self-discovery and joy. Learn how to shine in your own light, even in the darkest moments…


Episode 42 - You CAN Find Joy in the Job World (and Other Employment Insights), with Kristen Zavo

Mel sat down with author and career coach Kristen Zavo and enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation about the characteristics of employees (from Boomers to Gen Zs), how work culture has changed over the years…


Episode 41 - Decluttering the Minds of Women over 60, with caroline filion

If you have someone in your family who is still alive and can recall memories from when they were a kid…you can “crack the code”! We inherit so many generational markers…yet we’re not taught how to process them.

Episode 40 - What is Gray Area Drinking and How do i manage it? with kari schwear

There’s choosing to take a drink, and then there’s being addicted.

But in between is what’s known as the “gray area” of drinking.

Kari also offers some useful tips to help you stay out of the gray area…

Episode 39 - Achieving with Ease, with Kelly Anderson

Mel Trumble and Kelly Anderson discuss various topics related to their personal and professional lives. Primary to this is how one can create the best environment for allowing creativity and productivity to flourish – and the method is most certainly not intuitive!

Episode 38 - Moving Your Body to Move Your Mental Health, with Chris Janke

Mel and Chris have a fantastic, practical, and down-to-earth conversation about how movement and simple physical exercises can improve your mental health, too!

Episode 37 - Upleveling Mental health via creativity, with erica scott

In her conversation with Mel, Dr. Ericha Scott shared her experience as a therapist and advocate for disempowered populations, emphasizing her passion for using art as a tool for healing and social change. 

Episode 36 - Unleashing Abundance: Creating a movement instead of just a business, with jennifer urezzio

Unleash the power within and embark on a journey towards a more intentional and joyful life. Join today’s guest Jennifer Urizzio as she reveals the secret to creating from a place of freedom, where true success and growth are found. 

Episode 35 - Developing Resilience to Navigate "Culture Clash": Living a life by Design

You are gonna love this woman’s story about marrying outside her culture and moving to the US! 

Guest Christina Sincghal is a Christian who was born-and-raised in South Africa. Her husband is an agnostic from a Hindu family, born and raised in India, but…

Episode 34 - From Vague to Vivid: The Power of Clarity in Relationship Building, with Felicity Steiner

“Yes, Virginia” you can become the person who attracts the love you want in life!
Guest Felicity Steiner, Relationship and Dating Expert and Coach for Professional, Ambitious Women, and Mel discussed a range of topics toward just that end!

Episode 33 - Exploring the Body Wisdom of Chinese Medicine with PK - Patricia Kennedy

What a totally unique episode! Mel and PK walk through an actual session – and “guess who” is the patient! Please note: Mel is super-transparent in this episode and there may be some concepts/issues that are triggering for the listener and/or not appropriate for younger ears.

Episode 32 - Rocking Your Legacy with Julie Ann Meyer

Many people think about legacy in terms of what they will be passing on to their children, but AchieveTV Network President Julie Ann Meyer considers it from a much broader sense!

Episode 31 - The Joy Behind The Work of Self-Transformation with Ami Maikosky

Full of inspiration and practicality, you’ll leave this conversation Mel had with Director of Transformation and seasoned leadership and mindset coach Ami Maikosky.

Episode 30 - From Breakdown to Breakthrough with Angeline Constantinou

Angeline Constantinou shares her story of domestic violence – and how she moved outof it – with Mel. Raw and real, you’ll appreciate Angeline’s honesty and candor…

Bonus Episode - Get Out Of Her *#$& Way Summit With Tracey Lee

Guest Tracey Lee, a Women’s Empowerment Coach, and Mel discuss some crucial topics in this engaging conversation. From the importance of taking control of your life, to doing the necessary work …

Episode 29 - Cultivating Focus and Balance with Billy Lahr

Mel Trumble and Billy Lahr discuss the benefits of mindfulness in modern living and how it can help people cultivate focus and balance. Billy talked a bit about his upcoming course, Living Mindfully with ADHD,…

Episode 28 - Shaping Communities for a Better Future: Insights from Author Rob Howat

Join host Mel Trumble in a captivating conversation with multi-talented author Rob Howat as they delve into the power of individuals to shape communities and the significance of developing a positive mindset…

Episode 27 - Dealing With Trauma Drama with Monte Cox

Performance coach, personal trainer, and fellow trauma survivor Monte Cox sat down with Mel to discuss how to heal from past trauma…

Episode 26 - Handling All the Shiznit and The Role of Surrender in Productivity with Katie Draznin

Katie Draznin is the “courage curator.” She’s all about inspiring others to break through barriers and live their best lives!…

Episode 25 - Transforming Your Reality: The Importance of Aligning Beliefs, Thoughts, and Actions - LeeAnn Romine

If you’re feeling frustrated and stuck in a cycle of unfulfilled desires, constantly visualizing your dreams but not seeing any progress…

Episode 24 - How Do I Accept a Compliment - or Rebut a Comment? - with Dr. Bonnie Wilson

It’s happened to us all: we get a simple complement, and instantly minimize it…

Episode 23 - Human Design with Raquel Soto

Enjoy this edited version of a conversation Mel had with author, mentor, and coach Raquel Soto.

Coaches need coaches, too – and in …

Episode 22 - Neurodivergent? Break Free from Catastrophic Thinking

Catastrophic thinking: it’s definitely more fun to say than to experience. But let me ask you: Do you ever find yourself…

Episode 21 - How to Reshape Your Own Story - with McKenzie Buzard

Despite your efforts to overcome past trauma and transform your life, you may find that your actions are …

Episode 20 - How NLP Can Boost Joy, Self-Confidence, & Success

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, aka NLP, is yet another tool we can use to rewrite our subconscious programming…

Episode 19 - Retrain Your Brain Through Mindfulness, Visualization, and Affirmations

If you’re feeling frustrated and defeated because you’ve been trying to break  …

Episode 18 - Exploring Your Hidden Patterns: A Journey Within

Unleash your life of joy by understanding your subconscious programming as we dive deeper into how your past experiences shape your beliefs …

Episode 17 - Unlocking the Power of Subconscious Programming

Do you ever feel like there’s something holding you back from reaching your full potential? Have you ever been told that your …

Episode 16 - Feeling Worthy - Mining the Roots of Joy

Do you feel worthy?

There are some messages that get imprinted in our blueprint, even as a child, that we are not “worth it.” …

Ep 15 - The Origins of BS

The inner critic inside us joins us at birth.

But here’s where the joy comes from – we CAN rewire and make changes. We can “school” our inner critic.

Here’s a process you can try…

Ep 14 - Hunt the Good - An Interview with John...

Twenty-four year Veteran John Hardwick, who took time from getting his Master’s Degree and preparing to enter the classroom as a high school teacher, sat down with me recently to talk about…

Ep 13 - Managing our Emotions by Managing..

In this fascinating conversation, guest Alex Brzozowoski and I talk about the shift Alex has seen that her customers have made as they work through getting organized digitally. I mean…

Ep 12 - How to Authentically ....

“Getting organized is NOT a “one-size-fits-all” proposition!”  ~ Mel Trumble

And that’s good news!  In today’s episode, I’m talking about different personal…

Ep 11 - How Our Environment Affects..

Your past may not define you, but you can bet it’s gonna affect you…

The good news is that it doesn’t have to dictate what your life will be like forever!

Ep 10 - You Can Choose Your Reaction

Sonia Weyers’ books, Happiness Now! A Guided Journey, is “a personal development book in which (she) takes you by the hand through an exploration of…life…

Ep 9 - Feel to Heal: Managing Grief....

Twelve years ago, Margaret lost her son three days after he was born. His twin sister survived and, over time, experienced delayed grief…

Ep 8 - Rage and Caffeine...

Dealing with rooted-in-childhood anger is never an easy thing. In this fascinating interview, Mel and Jeannie get vulnerable and talk about…

Ep 7 - Managing Our Emotions...

Leilani Wells is a visibility expert and marketing strategist and runs the Get Seen Membership, a collective for women entrepreneurs…

Ep 6 - From responsibility to joy..

“The most fun she’s ever had with her clothes on” is how today’s guest Karli Petrovic described this interview. Today Karli and Mel talk about discovering…

Ep 5 - From chaos to responsibility, and..

Stephanie Mauler is a successful professional…but was a recovering people-pleaser. In today’s episode, she and Mel talk about how her struggle…

Ep 4 - The origins of chaos

Coming from a history of trauma and abuse can change our brains and neuro-functioning in a way that affects our stress-response systems. (Plus a whole lot more shitake that we will need to deal…

Ep 3 - Beyond survival - overcoming cancer with joy

Listen to my fascinating conversation with cancer survivor and life coach Natalie Riede. There are so many gold nuggets…

Ep 2 - Living the life you want - on your tems

This episode is a re-release of a conversation I had a while back with the multi-passionate Rhema Flowers…

Ep 1 - Welcome to ZFG Living - the Podcast~!

What if you could live with more joy?
What if you could learn to recognize the behaviors and beliefs you have that…

Episode 54 - Facing fear and cultivating confidence: essential strategies for entrepreneurs