episode 39 - Achieving with Ease, with Kelly Anderson

Mel Trumble and Kelly Anderson discuss various topics related to their personal and professional lives. Primary to this is how one can create the best environment for allowing creativity and productivity to flourish – and the method is most certainly not intuitive!


The conversation then shifted to Kelly’s upcoming children’s book, Violet and the Voices, and her journey of how she started doodling a girl and her dog during a difficult time in her marriage, which eventually led to her writing a book with her daughter. They discussed the challenges they faced in the process of writing and publishing the book, and Mel shared tips on how to get through tough times. They also talked about the potential for the book to become a series and the importance of making connections in the local community. 


They also covered the importance of rest, being and receiving, Kelly’s podcasting journey, and Mel’s successful strategy for making a book a bestseller on Amazon


About Kelly: Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, Kelly has worked in the health and fitness industry since 2006. She has vast experience in teaching Pilates, Corrective Exercise, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Mindset and Motivation. She is a life-long runner and has had a passion for all things health-related and anti-aging. She has a BFA degree in drawing and painting from the University of Georgia and ran her own mural painting company for 10 years.

Kelly began her journey into the growing field of Biohacking in 2021 and her ideas for two movements called “Biohacker Mom” and “The Feelin Good Mama” were born to support women and moms 40+. She serves to lift up and inspire women and families all over the world.

Kelly is a single mom, an artist, an illustrator, a writer, a women’s coach and an entrepreneur. She and her daughter, 12, will be celebrating the release of their first of a series of children’s books called “Violet Oleander Rose” later in 2023. Violet will be a health and mindset expert for kids.

Kelly and her daughter enjoy the beach and working on new projects together. They share a crazy life with their Red Heeler, Simon,and chubby kitty, Smokey.

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Facebook – @kelly.s.anderson

Instagram – @k.s._anderson


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