Episode 40 - What is Gray ARea Drinking and how do i manage it? with kari schwear

There’s choosing to take a drink, and then there’s being addicted.

But in between is what’s known as the “gray area” of drinking.

In this fascinating conversation with Kari Schwear, she and Mel dive deep into:

  • What exactly IS the gray area of drinking?
  • How is binging defined? And what is the difference between men and women?
  • The three categories or levels of alcohol abuse
  • The connection between our thoughts, feelings, and drinking patterns
  • Ways that alcohol affects you in the long run

Kari also offers some useful tips to help you stay out of the gray area…

For me, it was discovering what was underneath my drinking, and not necessarily recovery…and many people can relate to that.”  – Kari Schwear

And please DO share this with a friend or family member who may find some help with this information! 

For more information on gray area drinking (from Psychology Today) –

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