episode 41 - Decluttering the Minds of women over 60, with carole filion

If you have someone in your family who is still alive and can recall memories from when they were a kid…you can “crack the code”! We inherit so many generational markers…yet we’re not taught how to process them.

In this fascinating conversation with Carole Filion, she and Mel dive deep into:

  • What is generational work
  • The far-ranging effects of our legacy
  • Strategies and asking the questions to refocus “the conversation”
  • How to “gently disrupt” things
  • A unique characteristic baby boomers have related to technology
  • How emotional scar tissue is formed – and repaired!
  • And more!

What’s happened outside of us, what’s happened before us, is not our fault. However, with our awareness, it is our responsibility to change…the narrative, the discussion, the conversation…”           

  – Carole Filion

About our Guest: Carole’s razor-sharp insights, eloquence, and no-nonsense style bring a fresh perspective and exciting view into the discovery of your best decades ahead. Through small shifts and easy, actionable steps, she helps you tap into the vast databank of 5+ decades of wisdom, awareness, and knowledge to create a life by design rather than continuing to react to life by default.

Carole is a Proctor Gallagher consultant specializing in their ground-breaking Thinking into Results program. She is also a proud Dare to Declare certified Vision Board Trainer, helping individuals gain clarity on their unique vision and jumpstart the manifestation machine!

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