Episode 42 - You CAN Find Joy in the Job World (and other employment insights), with kristen zavo

Mel sat down with author and career coach Kristen Zavo and enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation about the characteristics of employees (from Boomers to Gen Zs), how work culture has changed over the years, the need for clarity and information when making career changes, oh-so-much more.

Conversing about the shift towards remote work,the gig economy, and side hustles, they also touched upon generational differences in the office. One difference is that younger generations tend to prioritize work-life balance and don’t sacrifice their personal lives for their careers. Mel and Kristen also discuss the perception of entitlement among younger employees and the resentment of older generations towards them – neither of which is exactly a new thing, either!

There are so many more interesting and helpful insights in this episode. If you’re in the job market (or know someone who is) take a listen – and then share this show with them!

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