Episode 43 - From Bankruptcy to Brilliance: Redefining Success, with Jennifer Bloome

Ever felt stuck in life’s tough times? Discover how Mel Trumble and Jennifer Bloome turned their bankruptcy experiences into a journey of self-discovery and joy. Learn how to shine in your own light, even in the darkest moments


In this discussion related to personal growth and mindset, they share their personal experiences with bankruptcy and how it led them to discover the importance of standing in one’s own light and finding joy even during difficult times. They challenge the societal belief that hard work is necessary for achievement and argue that everyone deserves good things simply by virtue of being alive. They emphasize the need to rewrite our programming and change our limiting beliefs to achieve success.


The conversation also touches on the power of disasters and how they can be an opportunity to put ourselves back together intentionally, leaving behind limiting beliefs and identifying our self-worth beyond a dollar sign. Mel and Jennifer discuss the importance of shifting one’s mindset and embracing joy instead of struggle when going through difficult times. They also emphasize the power of focus and how it can expand our possibilities while encouraging listeners to be kind to themselves and treat themselves like their own best friend

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