Episode 44: What's Behind the healthy money mindset, with audrey faust

Step into a thought-provoking episode with Mel and Audrey as they explore the crucial link between mindset work and financial security. They discuss the importance of emotionally connecting with financial concepts for effective learning and understanding. This episode goes beyond the numbers, delving into how a positive relationship with money is key to achieving tranquility and confidence in your financial life. Experience the warmth and supportive atmosphere as they guide you through this challenging yet enlightening conversation..


Some of the highlights that Mel and Audrey explored include:

  • The concept of how our feelings of being worthy affect our income rates
  • An unexpected benefit of offering your services for free (but not always!)
  • How our attitude towards money…matters. 
  • A unique exercise you can do to change your approach to money
  • Common triggers many of us have concerning money and “keeping up” with others
  • A surprising calculation that Audry has worked out that potentially busts the myth of paying off your mortgage early – you’ll want to learn about this helpful tool!

Money comes to me easily and freely through multiple sources in expected and unexpected ways“ ~ Audrey Faust’s money mindset that YOU can use, too!

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