Episode 45 Barking up the right tree: mental health lessons from a puppy trainer, with sarah lowell

In this episode, Mel had the pleasure of sitting down with Sarah Lowell, a seasoned expert in the world of pet training and communication, to talk about her innovative teaching method for pet owners. Tune in to discover how this approach can transform your relationship with your furry friend. Here are some key takeaways from their engaging discussion:

  • Discover the heart of Sarah’s approach: how she focuses as much on the owner as she does on their pet. 
  • Learn about the crucial role of consistency in puppy training. Discover how routines and schedules are your secret weapons to expedite your puppy’s learning journey and foster good behavior.
  • Dive into the topic of puppy management and why it’s essential for preventing undesirable behaviors while reducing stress levels for pet owners.
  • Sarah shares her insights on using crates or pens to create a safe environment for your puppy during short periods, allowing you to focus on other tasks without constant supervision.

Curious to learn more about Sarah’s program and how it can benefit both you and your pet? Tune in now for expert advice on building a strong, harmonious bond with your furry companion, and check out her contact info to learn more about and enroll in her 5-day course.

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