Episode 48 Decisions, decisions...and How we make them, with kim deyoung

Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and intentional choice with a fascinating guest who will challenge your decision-making style. Embracing intentional choice can lead to improved decision-making skills and the confidence to make choices that align with your authentic self.

Our choices are everywhere from am I having tea or coffee…to spending this time together with bigger picture conversations. – Kim DeYoung

In this episode, author Kim DeYoung, author of The Book of Choice: Mapping the Life You Want by Understanding the Life You Have, and Mel share their personal experiences as they discuss:

  • The importance of building meaningful connections and relationships to enhance personal fulfillment and happiness.
  • How to embrace intentional choices for personal growth to unlock your full potential and live with purpose.
  • Overcoming fear and discomfort in communication to foster stronger, more genuine connections with others.
  • The power of face-to-face interactions for deeper, more meaningful relationships and experiences.
  • How self-discovery and self-revelation help us gain clarity, confidence, and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

And after listening, make sure you visit Kim’s website, take the decision making quiz, and discover your decision-making style!

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