Episode 49 Journaling 101 and making intentional choices, with nikie piper

In this inspiring conversation, Mel engages in a deep and enlightening conversation with journaling expert Nickie Piper. Nickie shares her personal journey of transformation through the power of journaling, discussing how it helped her overcome depression, debt, and a difficult divorce. The episode delves into the art of journaling, its therapeutic potential, and its role in personal development.

Some questions they discuss are:

* What strategies can I use with journaling to move from negative to positive visualization?

* How does journaling influence mental health and personal development?

* In what ways can technology enhance the journaling experience?

* How does journaling interact with other forms of therapy and healing?

* How can journaling help me overcome challenges such as depression and financial struggles?

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand the profound impact journaling can have on personal growth and overcoming challenges. Nickie’s journey is both relatable and inspiring, and she offers valuable insights and practical tips for incorporating journaling into your life.

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