Episode 50 All About money, honey, with joanna howat

If THIS is the year you’re determined to get your mindset about money on a healthy track, listen in as Mel Trumble and her guest, Joanna Howat, discuss the financial coaching program that Joanna is involved in, focusing on helping people save money and change their mindset toward finances.

The coaching program involves prompts and group discussions on topics such as debt and mental health and has had a positive impact on Joanna’s life.

They also discuss the importance of finding a system that works for an individual’s needs and how budgeting is a part of the program that Joanna attended. (Pro-tip: start small by setting up a savings account or using a piggy bank, and prioritize expenses before cutting your spending!)

Mel and Joanna also chat about the benefits of gardening on mental health, and Joanna shares how her experience with gardening has been therapeutic for her.

Find support: online groups can also offer motivation and help you to be mindful of your spending habits. By taking time for yourself and being aware of your finances, you can improve your overall well-being and reduce stress.

what’s important is that we find systems that work well for us because… no system will fit everyone. But working within the confines of a system… is an interesting way to explore… your relationship to money.

You know…feeling worthy (to create and live by a) budget.”   ~ Melissa Trumble


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