Episode 51 Careering with adhd, with shell mendelson

Mel talks to Shell Mendelson, who is an author and career counselor specializing in assisting adults with ADHD. They discuss her personal journey with ADHD, including the challenges she faced as an entrepreneur and the realization of her passion for career counseling. Shell highlights the importance of understanding one’s needs and preferences in a career, especially for those with ADHD, and offers insights into making career choices that align with one’s feelings and aspirations. Shell emphasizes the shift from being a job seeker to a creator, advocating for self-awareness and the empowerment of individuals in their career paths.


Whether or not you have ADHD, this powerful discussion presents many important concepts for those on the journey in the working world!

“A career, the whole career process in choosing a career, is a feelings process. How you feel on the job every day is as important as just the work that you do.”    ~ Shell Mendelson


Other concepts they discussed were:

  • The difference between a life purpose and a mission.
  • Empowerment through self-knowledge: Shell advocates for self-knowledge and empowerment in career choices, emphasizing the significance of understanding one’s unique needs, skills, and preferences to create fulfilling career paths.
  • Challenges of ADHD in business: There are challenges faced by individuals with ADHD in traditional business environments, and a need for adaptive strategies and environments that cater to people’s unique working styles.
  • The concept of “safekeeping self”: Shell introduces the concept of the “safekeeping self,” which represents the internal barriers and limiting beliefs that hold people back from pursuing their true interests and career paths.
  • How to go from being a “job begger” to a “job creator.”


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