Episode 53 - Is Your Makeup Killing You? with tammy doering

As an advocate for natural living, author and entrepreneur Tammy Doering advocates for a shift away from chemically laden products and towards natural, toxin-free living, including food, beauty products, and lifestyle choices.

During the conversation with Mel, Tammy stressed the need for education and awareness about the toxic effects of many common beauty and household products, advocating for informed choices and a return to natural ingredients.

Listen as she relates the story of her own physical health scares – such as dealing with fibromyalgia and several skin conditions – and how they motivated her to start and run the business she loves today, serving women everywhere in their health journey!

Tammy details her company’s use of Dead Sea minerals and the benefits they offer for skin and overall health. She also spoke about the deep connection between mental and physical health, highlighting her own experiences with stress and suicidal thoughts, and the therapeutic role that exercise and natural living played in her recovery. Additionally, Tammy stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, adequate hydration, and sufficient sleep, as well as the need for a balanced diet. 

What happened was…I discovered with due diligence and daily use – it has literally been a life changer.”   ~ Tammy Doering


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