Episode 56 - a crucial conversation about mental health and mlms

Meredith Adams, a former multi-level marketing (MLM) participant turned owner of Cactus Girl Media, delves into her harrowing experience with an MLM scheme and her remarkable path to recovery and success. Meredith’s story is one of immense struggle, facing years of manipulation and stress that took a toll on her mental and physical health. However, through sheer will and a transformative realization, she managed to pivot her career towards a passion-driven enterprise, specializing in photography, copywriting, and ultimately, helping others craft compelling personal brand stories.

These are some of the questions Mel and Meredith answer in this conversation:

  • How can someone recognize and escape the trap of multi-level marketing schemes?
  • What role does storytelling play in building a successful personal brand?
  • How does overcoming personal challenges fuel entrepreneurial success?
  • In what ways can mental health struggles impact one’s career and life decisions?
  • What are the steps to transitioning from a high-stress job to pursuing a passion-driven business?

“You can be depressed and you can still experience massive joy. It’s about what your default setting is.   ~ Meredith Adams


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