Episode 57 - overcoming fears of entrepreneurs

Ever wondered why the path of entrepreneurship feels like a roller coaster? 

From the dread of failure to the anxiety of financial insecurity, Mel unravels the essence of entrepreneurial fears and how to transform them into opportunities to move forward.

Mel explores this multifaceted world, including the fear of failure, success, the unknown, rejection, and financial insecurity, exploring how they negatively impact decision-making and progress. She candidly emphasizes the importance of reframing fear, cultivating a growth mindset, and developing resilience. 

Tune in for practical answers to

  • How entrepreneurs can overcome their fears and learn to embrace them, 
  • Strategies that can be employed to cultivate a growth mindset in entrepreneurship,
  • How and why we attach emotions to money, and how that can debilitate us,
  • How strategic planning and effective execution contribute to overcoming entrepreneurial challenges,
  • The role emotional resilience plays in the success of an entrepreneur,
  • Navigating financial insecurity, marketing, legal, and business-growth challenges while maintaining motivation and a positive outlook.


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Setbacks and the accompanying failures – the lessons – these are temporary obstacles, 

and they do teach us so much.   ~ Mel


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