Episode 62 - Unlock your creative genius: Balancing creativity and mental health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month – Click here for a list of the Top 10 episodes of the ZFG Living podcast to help you live a life full of joy and improved mental health!

Explore the intersection of creativity and mental wellness with Lesley Lindsey Davis, as she unpacks the secrets to thriving artistically while managing the inner critics that often accompany the creative journey.

Lesley shares her personal journey, revealing how writing has served as a powerful outlet for self-expression and mental wellness. Their conversation covers practical tips for overcoming creative blocks, the importance of intention in the creative process, and strategies for dealing with internal critics. You’ll discover valuable insights on harnessing your creative potential while maintaining mental health.


Mel and Lesley answer these questions – and so many more! 

  • How can creative individuals balance their mental health with their creative endeavors?
  • What are effective strategies for overcoming the fear and anxiety associated with publishing or sharing creative work?
  • How does setting clear intentions enhance the creative process and output?
  • What role does honesty play in creating impactful and relatable content?
  • How can writers and creators effectively silence their inner critics to unleash creativity?


If we are telling our story and being honest and true to the characters…in our story, there is someone… in the world that needs to hear that story.   ~ Lesley Lindsey Davis

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