Episode 63 - Be more grounded with less grind

May is Mental Health Awareness Month – Click here for a list of the Top 10 episodes of the ZFG Living podcast to help you live a life full of joy and improved mental health!

Unlock productivity and embrace a balanced life with Steph Winger as she talks about the process from career-driven realtor to wellness coach. She talks about her unique framework that melds the 12-week year concept with personal well-being, tailored to empower women to thrive both personally and professionally without burnout.

Steph discusses how personal challenges, including an MS diagnosis, reshaped her approach to life and work. She’s developed a system that condenses the 12-week year concept into more manageable four-week sprints. Their conversation covers various strategies for implementing this system, embracing both masculine and feminine energies, and the importance of integrating fun and self-care into daily routines.


Some other important takeaways from this episode include: 

    • How implementing a four-week sprint system can enhance personal productivity and well-being
    • Some effective strategies to balance masculine and feminine energies in the pursuit of personal and professional goals
    • How setting up a vision board can help in achieving long-term goals
    • The role accountability plays in maintaining focus and achieving goals within The Right Blend framework
    • How to tailor your daily routines to align with your most productive times and personal energies
    • And so much more!


Let’s support each other. We are tribal animals, wanting to pump each other up and succeed together. There’s never any expectation of something in return. It’s all about lifting each other up.   ~ Steph Winger


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