episode 10 - You CAN Choose Your Reaction: an interview with Sonia Weyers

Sonia Weyers’ books, Happiness Now! A Guided Journey, is “a personal development book in which (she) takes you by the hand through an exploration of…life. What works, what doesn’t and how to have more of what works!” Her second book, The Sundown of Life,  was based on her true life experiences caring for her aging and infirm parents, finding moments of warmth and wonderfullness along the way.

A happines guide and Gestalt therapist who works to help others find authentic happiness in life, check out her current challenge – Happiness Now! The 5-day Experience (link below).

There are lots of practical nuggets of wisdom in this conversation, but do stay till the end to discover the meaningful and fascinating background behind her company name, Eudokima.

“Insights are the name of the game – with one little insight, you can change your life!” ~ Sonia Weyers

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Learn more about her challenge: Happiness Now – The 5-Day Experience

Sonia Meyers, author, speaker, happiness guide, guides you on the path to Your TRUE Happiness – no matter if you’re a stay at home mom, an ambitious entrepreneur or a semi-retired worker – because the search for Happiness is universal.”


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