episode 14 - Hunt the Good - An Interview with John Hardwick

  • Welcome back to the show, my lovies!

    Twenty-four year Veteran John Hardwick, who took time from getting his Master’s Degree and preparing to enter the classroom as a high school teacher, sat down with me recently to talk about how to “hunt the good” when dealing with life changes and transitions.

    But that was only part of John’s strategy, which he learned, by the way, from a resiliency course he took in the Army.

    Another lesson he learned was to realize the difference between what you can – and can’t – control…and how to manage the two.

    We even talk about ChatGPT in the classroom and how things have changed over the years (and ain’t that the truth?!)…

    Grab your journal or paper-and-pen and be ready to take notes on this one!

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