episode 15 - The Origins of BS

Welcome back to the show, my lovies!

The inner critic inside us joins us at birth.

But here’s where the joy comes from – we CAN rewire and make changes. We can “school” our inner critic.

Here’s a process you can try:

  • Give a name to the dumpster fire that derails you.
  • Give him (or her) a name.
  • When you feel it rearing its ugly head…start the conversation. “Ok, thanks for trying to protect me, his/her name here, but we’re not going that way anymore… Here’s what we’re doing instead!”

The one caveat I’d point out, however, is that if you find yourself talking to him (or her) time after time…then there’s another step you can add – education!

  • Time to start learning about yourself, and identify where the dumpster fire has come from and what the roots are. Even if you can’t identify the roots, however, realize that you CAN change what happens moving forward.
  • Then wash, rinse, and repeat!

Remember, tho, that this IS a process, and that inner critic will come back from time to time, so don’t despair – but DO ask for help.


And if you’ve been struggling with this, go ahead and book a call with me today! Let’s kick that inner critic to the curb together…

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