Episode 16 - Feeling Worthy - Mining the Roots of Joy

There are some messages that get imprinted in our blueprint, even as a child, that we are not “worth it.” Much of that is because of the lack of understanding we have about how to be better… Those lessons often get convoluted into us thinking that we need to be BEST!

But there’s a whole range in between those levels, where the various threads of diversity can come together and help us create a healthier outlook.

Every person is of value because they exist. ~ Claudia Howard

                                                                         Laws of Worth 


What role does life coaching play in developing that understanding? 

I take #allthethings and help you discover how to have joy in the daily in authentic ways. 

So that you, too, can take them – both the external “definers” and our unique internal “special sauce” – to help my clients and you listeners be our better selves. On the daily!


Negative consequences of not recognizing  our own worthiness:

1 – retreating to our most basic selves

2 – feeling as if we’re fighting for resources

3 – working out of emotions rather than rationality


And if you’ve been struggling with this, go ahead and book a call with me today! Let’s kick that inner critic to the curb together…


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