Episode 17 - Unlocking the Power of Subconscious Programming

Do you ever feel like there’s something holding you back from reaching your full potential? Have you ever been told that your subconscious programming is to blame? You might be unsure about what that actually means, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people have heard myths about subconscious programming that simply aren’t true. One of them is ‘subconscious programming is set in stone and can’t be changed.’ And another, ‘only traumatic experiences can affect our subconscious programming.’ Today and over the next three weeks, I’ll be sharing the truth about how subconscious programming develops within us and how we can reshape it to break free from limiting beliefs.


I challenge you. to frame things in a positive. Try it for just four days. Rather than saying, ‘I cannot,’ say “What could I do to make it a little better?” – Mel Trumble


Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Explore the fascinating world of subconscious programming and the difference it makes in personal growth.
  • Unlock the mysteries of identifying and challenging self-limiting beliefs.
  • Discover the transformative potential of positive programming
  • Develop skills for setting boundaries that help overcome emotional patterns, core beliefs, and trauma.
  • Learn how mindset work can be your secret weapon in obtaining a truly fulfilling life.

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