Episode 18 - Exploring Your Hidden Patterns: A Journey Within

Unleash your life of joy by understanding your subconscious programming as we dive deeper into how your past experiences shape your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.

This is a follow-up to episode 17, where we began to discover how the source of our subconscious programming can affect our entire lives – until we consciously work to examine them and then…overcome them.


“Be aware that all these messages are working to show you what the world is like. And if you can’t be aware of how you’re guiding yourself, then you’ll just keep…layering on the old garbage,” – Mel Trumble


Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Uncover the importance of pinpointing and challenging limiting beliefs to foster personal growth.
  • Grasp the ways in which unseen cognitive processes shape your behavior and emotions.
  • Investigate the effects of past trauma on your belief system and repeated patterns.
  • Realize the crucial part played by self-discovery and self-insight in your personal growth and change.
  • Learn to surpass restrictive beliefs through dedication and attentiveness to inner conversations.

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