episode 2 - Living the life you want - on your terms

Airdate: 2/1/23

This episode is a re-release of a conversation I had a while back with the multi-passionate Rhema Flowers. Her story is so inspirational – she literally walked away from corporate life and moved to Hawaii, where she lives today and works to help others bring out their inner creativity and discover the lives they want.

Full of honesty, inspiration, and encouragement, you may want to pull out a notebook or journal and take some notes!


About Rhema – 

The mission of Rhema Flowers, Holistic Lifestyle Strategist, is to inspire, empower and enroll women into their own vision of a healthy, vibrant, energetic lifestyle.  She believes that the healing of the planet will be greatly influenced and made possible through the efforts of women and her calling is to provide support in the way of a healthy foundation.

Flowers is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, long-time yoga and pilates instructor, prior studio owner, chief essential oil user, and transformational leadership coach, leading high-level performers to uplevel their health. 

Rhema spent more than 25 years in corporate marketing and advertising for high-profile brands before leaving to teach and practice yoga full-time. Yoga saved her high-anxiety, high-stress-filled life and sent her on a unique, fun, and healthy journey! She now dedicates her life to helping others get on the healthful path of their choice.


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Trust: Mastering the Four Essential Trusts – Iyanla Vanzant

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