Episode 23 - Human Design with Raquel Soto

Enjoy this edited version of a conversation Mel had with author, mentor, and coach Raquel Soto.

Coaches need coaches, too – and in this episode, Mel and Raquel talk about work, family, faith, and friends. You’ll want to stick around for some deep insights into personal growth and parenthood, as well.

Sprinkled with laughter, and full of honesty, this is a peek into the type of work Mel does during her 6-week program. Details below!


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“I love learning, but sometimes I can hide behind it, So I have to be mindful of…when I’m working on something. I need to think what’s really the motivation behind it. Am I doing it because I want to grow…or because I feel the need to qualify myself?”

– Raquel Soto


Raquel Soto is a best-selling author, mentor, and coach empowering women to activate their passion, stand in their power, and create the prosperity they desire without compromise or self-sabotage. 

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