Episode 24 - How Do I Accept a Compliment - or Rebut a Comment? - with Dr. Bonnie Wilson

It’s happened to us all: we get a simple complement, and instantly minimize it or even disagree! So, how can we reframe our responses? Or accept the comment? And be able to give them graciously, as well?

On the other side, there are those times when people say something totally inappropriate, and our feelings or emotions are triggered. How can we handle those comments in an appropriate way? Additionally, how do we follow-up with them in a way that discourages gossip…

In today’s conversation, Dr. Bonnie and Mel have a positive discussion filled with practical tips that you can start using today!


Many of us aren’t good at receiving compliments… But the challenge is how do we re-program our brains to not only receive them well…but to say good things (about and to them.). 

– Dr. Bonnie Wilson


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to respond to inappropriate comments in the workplace using questions based on authentic curiosity.
  • Discover ways to stop gossip or unnecessary conversation through a simple response..
  • Consider how to assess feedback and comments that may not feel positive and gain valuable self-knowledge from them, rather than react with hostility..
  • Understand a multi-part dialogue for giving feedback to co-workers and colleagues.
  • Explore ways to create a collaborative and growth-minded atmosphere in the workplace.

“Giving & Receiving” research –  LeeAnn Renninger, Cognitive Psychologist and the founder of LifeLabs Learning 


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