Episode 26 Handling All the Shiznit and The Role of Surrender in Productivity with Katie Draznin

Katie Draznin is the “courage curator.” She’s all about inspiring others to break through barriers and live their best lives!

She’s the #1 Best Selling author of “Tell Fear You’re the Boss: How to Push Through Fear and Be in Control of Living Your Dream Life.” Her empowering message has reached countless readers and audiences.

Her personal journey of overcoming challenges has fueled her drive to help others conquer fear and reclaim their lives. She is a woman who has faced numerous challenges and triumphed over them. Seeing others experience breakthrough moments and conquer long-held fears brings her immense joy.

And as the creator and host of Katie’s Courage Couch Podcast and co-host of the Against All Odds podcast, she has crafted platforms that unite courageous individuals from all walks of life who are pursuing – or already living – their desired lives. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, guidance, and practical steps to overcome fear and achieve your goals, connect with Katie. Let’s break through barriers and unlock your true potential together!

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