Episode 27 Dealing with trauma drama with monte cox

Performance coach, personal trainer, and fellow trauma survivor Monte Cox sat down with Mel to discuss how to heal from past trauma. They kicked off their extensive conversation by delving into a more comprehensive definition of trauma. This definition not only includes how unresolved past experiences affect our behavior but also the inner impact of those experiences on an individual.

More than “just” getting over the drama, they have a wide-ranging and powerful discussion where they both pull back the curtain to their own pasts and share powerful pearls of healing they’ve developed along the way. 

Among the highlights of their conversation, in this episode you’ll hear:

  • The difference between Trauma and trauma
  • The role of  self-compassion and patience in the process of healing from both of them
  • An interesting approach to process and enable healing through imagining an alternate reality of oneself
  • Tips for creating a safe space for healing
  • How abuse and maladaptive behaviors are created and how the cycles can be broken!
  • How to be open to the idea of complete change while at the same time taking small steps toward achieving goals to overcoming anxiety.
  • And so much more!

“It’s all about changing the perception of ourselves… If I used to be a fearful person and I start looking at stepping out of a fear cycle for just one day (at a time), eventually I can look at myself and see that I’m not that person anymore! Start with where you’re at, and let it be ok..” 

Monte Cox

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