Episode 28 Shaping Communities for a Better Future: Insights from Author Rob Howat

Join host Mel Trumble in a captivating conversation with multi-talented author Rob Howat as they delve into the power of individuals to shape communities and the significance of developing a positive mindset.

Being creative is not only for “artists”, and neither is personal growth a solitary journey. In this wide-ranging conversation, Rob shares truths about personal growth and societal improvement that will inspire creative individuals of all types who are seeking a better

Their conversation also touched on:

  • The impact of the Industrial Revolution on the lives of the working-class,
  • The extensive influence of religion and spirituality on societal organization and
  • The complex issues surrounding selling books in the publishing industry,
  • Acknowledging the influential role of historical figures in ushering societal

What a fascinating conversation!

(on the importance of a healthy family life) If the family doesn’t do it right, then I don’t think society can properly pick it up. The individual, through their character, can, through developing a positive way of thinking and trying to throw away the criticism of everything
and everybody around them.

-Rob Howat

Retired after 40 years teaching a wide variety of subjects in the UK, Rob Howat continues to stay busy. He volunteers in the Canadian Pioneer Village of Lang, and has run workshops in music, painting, drawing, drama group and Creative Writing. He also has produced and directed various plays for children and adults and was awarded a Community Arts Award for Peterborough County and Legionnaire of the Year award in 2013 in Norwood

Connect with Rob Howat:
His website:
On Twitter: @TawohR33
On Facebook: @HowatAuthorArt
More about his book, ⁠Bricks That Build Us: Extend Understanding How Modern
Communities Develop By Looking At Its People, Philosophies, And Reasoning⁠ –
His Children’s books:

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