Episode 29 Cultivating Focus and Balance with Billy Lahr

Mel Trumble and Billy Lahr discuss the benefits of mindfulness in modern living and how it can help people cultivate focus and balance. Billy talked a bit about his upcoming course, Living Mindfully with ADHD, which aims to help people struggling with focus to create structure and routine in their daily lives. Their conversation emphasizes the importance of being present and aware during physical activity for both physical and mental health benefits. 

Mel and Billy also delved into the topic of mindfulness and compassion, discussing how mindfulness involves being present and non-judgmental, and how compassion is necessary to come back to the present moment when the mind starts to wander. They stressed the importance of practicing mindfulness and compassion in daily life, and touched on the idea of discernment as a form of judgment that can be helpful in decision-making. 

Especially helpful and endearing were their personal experiences with anxiety and how mindfulness has helped them recognize physical responses to emotions.


Some other concepts they discuss are:

  • The difference between mindfulness and mediatation
  • The importance of mindfulness in responding to stimuli instead of reacting impulsively
  • What is really happening when we judge others negatively
  • What happens when we have too many options, and how we can best set the stage to make decisions


Billy Lahr is an intentional living and mindfulness coach, certified personal trainer, former educator, and serial overthinker.  He hosts The Mindful Midlife Crisis, a podcast for people navigating the complexities and possibilities of life’s second half.  Billy spent 21 years as an educator but became disenfranchised the last half due to budding mental health concerns and a lack of job satisfaction.  In 2021, Billy left his job as dean of students in order to travel the world in search of more meaningful life experiences.  Since then, he’s been a GPS for those seeking purpose by identifying strengths, curiosities, and crew, and then turning that purpose into a passion through consistency, discipline, and patience.


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– His podcast, The Mindful Midlife Crisis – In this episode he refers to episode 99 and his conversation with Genie Love, with whom he co-teaches Living Mindfully with ADHD.

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