episode 3 - beyond survival - overcoming cancer with joy

Airdate: 2/1/23

Listen to my fascinating conversation with cancer survivor and life coach Natalie Riede. There are so many gold nuggets inside, but some highlights include that she:

  • Explains how post-surgery tension and fear affected her
  • Describes the spiral of a negative mindset and how she was able to overcome it
  • Embraced tiny life steps that helped her re-discover an enjoyment of living
  • Used goals to recover against all the odds after a second bout of cancer


Her health struggles and victories reminded her that none of us have tomorrow promised to us, so she dug into finding joy in the present and making the most of each day.

This is the episode for you if you’re struggling with health issues that feed unhelpful, negative mindset challenges. 

“It doesn’t matter where you came from or what you’ve experienced in life,  you can and do deserve to live the life of your dreams!” ~ Natalie Riede


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