Episode 31 The Joy Behind The Work of Self-Transformation with Ami Maikosky

Full of inspiration and practicality, you’ll leave this conversation Mel had with Director of Transformation and seasoned leadership and mindset coach Ami Maikosky.

She and Mel talk about her platform, Be True to Your Best You, and how important it is to know not only how we talk to ourselves but how we communicate to the world. She
also talks about her upcoming program, Stand in the Power of “Re”.

Definitely grab your journal – these two wise and winsome coaches have so much to share that will ignite you to dig deep and move forward from wherever you are right now.

I am here to…help you in your own re-discovery. My job…is to ask you the right questions…so you can rediscover elements about yourself that you’ve never touched before, or it’s been a really, really long time. So you can shine! ~ Ami Maikosky

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