Episode 32 Rocking Your Legacy with Julie Ann Meyer

Many people think about legacy in terms of what they will be passing on to their children, but AchieveTV Network President Julie Ann Meyer considers it from a much broader sense!

This episode is for the content creator with a burning desire to get their message to a broader audience who needs to hear it. Julie Ann and Mel talk about all-things-content-creator, but some conversational highlights include:

  • Why humor is such an important concept in the shows…
  • Why you should not wait until you know “how to do it” all
  • A morning practice that can help YOU move forward!
  • Two surprisingly simple practices that are good for you in a BIG way
  • And so much more!

It’s like you’re eavesdropping on a conversation and you happen to pick up these amazing tips along the way. You don’t feel like you’re being schooled…you’re just there to have a good time and you happen to learn a few things while you’re at it!
~ JulieAnn Meyer

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About e360TV: “e360tv was founded and functions as a distributor of content for events, independent content creators and storytellers, and brands both on-demand and live. Content creation is important for brand-building but having distribution is essential. That’s where we come into the picture, simultaneously distributing content across connected TVs, socials and personal devices. e360tv can provide everything for an event from full production and distribution to ala carte services such as distribution only and other services such as Pay-per- View and audience engagement.” 

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