Episode 33 Exploring the Body Wisdom of Chinese Medicine with PK - Patricia Kennedy

What a totally unique episode! Mel and PK walk through an actual session – and “guess who” is the patient! Please note: Mel is super-transparent in this episode and there may be some concepts/issues that are triggering for the listener and/or not appropriate for younger ears.

The goal of Patricia Kennedy’s work and the specific system she has created and uses – Body Wisdom Life Analysis – is to help people pinpoint the main issue/s that someone needs to deal with from a birds-eye view, in order to be able to see the connections that can be made from that analysis.

You will be absolutely mesmerized by the connections Patricia makes between your physical body organs, their functions, and how they are all connected to your emotions/feelings/responces, etc

Patricia also presents:

  • A bit of her personal past
  • A bit of the history of Chinese medicine and how these 2 concepts intersected.
    (The 5-Elements Theory is especially interesting!)
  • The balanced and imbalanced forms of our emotions, and the real reason we
    want them to be in balance…
  • Three things that are totally unique to YOU – and you may already know one of
    them 😉
  • The possibility of creating a whole new emotional culture!

This is about transformation. This is about becoming bigger versions of ourselves and making choices…that will give us a bigger view…

~ Patricia Kennedy

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