Episode 34 From Vague to Vivid: The Power of Clarity in Relationship Building, with Felicity Steiner

“Yes, Virginia” you can become the person who attracts the love you want in life!

Guest Felicity Steiner, Relationship and Dating Expert and Coach for Professional, Ambitious Women, and Mel discussed a range of topics toward just that end! They emphasized the importance of investing in oneself to achieve personal growth and change, and noted that simply consuming free content is not enough. (While there is an abundance of information available on the internet, it can be overwhelming, and ultimately, it is up to
you to take action and make changes in your life.)

The conversation also touched on the complexities of personal growth, including the need for implementing information, accountability, and making the process enjoyable. They discussed the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energy, and highlighted the importance of valuing our investments and being willing to put in the effort and attention necessary to achieve our goals.

So. Much. Wisdom in this episode!

Felicity and Mel also talk about:

  • The critical role of intention in personal growth and change
  • Why calirty is essential to attract the kind of partner we desire
  • How we can motivate ourselves to keep pushing towards our goals
  • Tips for minimizing negative self-talk and imposter syndrome


Attention is an even higher investment than (a) financial (one)…because wherever their attention is going, that’s what they’re trading their life for.
~ Felicity Steiner


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