episode 37 - Upleveling Mental Health via Creativity, with Ericah Scott

In her conversation with Mel, Dr. Ericha Scott shared her experience as a therapist and advocate for disempowered populations, emphasizing her passion for using art as a tool for healing and social change. She also discussed the therapeutic benefits of using haiku poetry in therapy, including the use of nature as a metaphor for experiences in life. Another fascinating episode where Mel was “the client”, as Dr. Scott led her through a creative exercise involving stream of consciousness writing her own haiku! 


They discussed the importance of therapy and creativity in helping people become more authentic and whole. Ericha also shared a personal experience of how a doctor overcame his creative block through painting during a workshop. She emphasized the importance of healing trauma to overcome creative blocks and the role of community support in overcoming them.


About Ericha An authentic, dedicated, and passionate, licensed, and certified creative arts psychotherapist, artist, author, and advocate for disempowered populations. For 39 years, she has worked with those who struggle with substance and behavioral use disorders, victims of trauma, complex trauma, torture, dissociation, and victims of sex trafficking. Her commitment to health, wellness, and art as medicine includes experiential teaching professional clinicians, medical doctors, the public, and for her own personal health journey. Her investment in social change via the arts across the world includes travel, presentations, collaboration, and cultural exchange in 4 continents. Dr. Scott is a healer who walks the fine line between mysticism and evidenced-based psychotherapy. Her worldwide workshops bring hope and healing to diverse populations.

She is an honorary fellow of the International Society for Study of Trauma and Dissociation (the oldest trauma organization in the world). She is Board Certified Registered Art Therapist (ATR-BC), Registered Expressive Arts Therapist.


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