episode 38 - Moving Your Body To Move Your Mental Health, with Chris Janke

Mel and Chris have a fantastic, practical, and down-to-earth conversation about how movement and simple physical exercises can improve your mental health, too!

We’re not talking extreme sports, either. As Chris says “The no-pain, no gain mantra is dead.” If you’ve gotten to the simple level of “When I take a walk, I just feel better…” you’ve crossed the line!

Chris teaches online clases and provides a free 30-day trial day period there! It’s all about trying it out and moving forward…

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn about the connection between connection as an antidote to depression and addiction
  • How a simple walk can get you out of yourself and increase a sense of empathy.
  • How – and why – to get started, simply and easily!


Once you start, it’s very easy to maintain. It doesn’t really matter what you start doing – just take the next step! – Chris Janke

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His podcast – Health in the Real World


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