episode 4 - the origin of chaos

Coming from a history of trauma and abuse can change our brains and neuro-functioning in a way that affects our stress-response systems. (Plus a whole lot more shitake that we will need to deal with in order to move forward away from dysfunction.)

We’re not talkin’ vague concepts here. I’m talking about the physiology and chemistry of our brains. The effects of trauma are real, friends, and we all experience them to some degree…

But, trust me, I won’t sound like your high school biology teacher. I explain how all this relates to YOUR life, in real-time, with real examples.

Seriously, there is so much to learn in this episode…information that you’ll be able to use in your own life and apply toward improved mental health!

Pour yourself a cuppa and listen closely as we dive into the origins of chaos in our lives. But more importantly, how we can learn from them to live a better life.

“It’s within ourselves to fix that…to understand that 

we have a life and we can make the best of it!”