episode 7 - managing our emotions - an interview with leilani wells

Leilani Wells is a visibility expert and marketing strategist and runs the Get Seen Membership, a collective for women entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives. She and Mel share some really encouraging insights into the connection between our emotions and the results that can happen when we lean into them, tune into them, and recognize trends and influences. Lots of encouragement to be found inside!


In this episode, they talk about:

    • How are feelings affect and influence our future movement
    • How to recognize nameless emotions that still affect our physical bodies
    • The “language” of emotions (and Mel shares some really interesting thoughts on this!)
    • The connection between a cultural/social “zeitgeist” and opportunities
    • An idea from “The Big Book of Bad Ideas” (just for fun!)
  • And more…


“When we talk about emotions, people usually think very clear descriptions…but there are many more nuanced and even yet-to-be-named emotions we experience.” ~ Leilani Wells


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