episode 9- Feel to Heal: Managing Grief with Margaret Dennis

Twelve years ago, Margaret lost her son three days after he was born. His twin sister survived and, over time, experienced delayed grief over the loss of her brother as she came to truly understand his loss. Observing how her daughter effectively dealt with grief differently, Margaret came to terms with her own loss, sparking questions about why we, as a society, talk about and deal with grief the way that we do.

In this episode, Mel and Margaret dig deep into the topic. You won’t want to miss this raw and real conversation…

“Things happen in your life that you can’t control, but what you decide to do with them is 100% within your control..” Margaret Dennis

Watch Margaret’s TED Talk – What I Learned About Grief Through the Eyes of My Child 

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Margaret Dennis is a grief survivor and founder of EVOLV coaching. She invites us all to shift the way we think about and approach the process of grieving the loss of a loved one.

Margaret’s passion for helping people to succeed has been a constant throughout her education and career as she pursued psychology, leadership, and coaching. Merging her education, experiences, and passion, Margaret started EVOLV coaching, where she has a front row seat helping to empower female entrepreneurs and leaders to break through their barriers and achieve success.  source


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