Episode 35 - Developing Resilience to Navigate “Culture Clash”: Living a Life by Design

You are gonna love this woman’s story about marrying outside her culture and moving to the US! 

Guest Christina Sincghal is a Christian who was born-and-raised in South Africa. Her husband is an agnostic from a Hindu family, born and raised in India, but living in the States after receiving higher education here. Talk about culture-clash possibilities in a marriage!

In Christina’s truly transparent style, she and Mel covered a wide range of issues related to navigating these tricky waters:

  • The challenges (and importance of) clear communication in marriage
  • The importance of having open conversations about topics such as finances, religion, family size, and child-rearing philosophies…before marriage,
  • Understanding the in-laws in a cross-cultural situation
  • How to set healthy personal boundaries
  • The power of mindset: how vital it is to have encouraging self-talk and positive affirmations in order to grow both personally and professionally


Mel emphasized the importance of focusing on self-improvement rather than trying to change others and highlighted the need to bring our best selves to our relationships.

“It’s a life by design rather than default, and I love it!” ~ Christina Singhal


Note: The topic of abuse and violence within relationships was  mentioned, and while both ladies agreed that this was not applicable to Christina’s story, they stressed the need to seek help if you find yourself in an abusive relationship or know someone else who is.


Christina Singhal has over 23 years of personal experience in overcoming obstacles and setbacks. She is dedicated to inspiring individuals to never give up and to continue pursuing their goals and dreams. As a former Registered Nurse trained in the South African Defense Force, Christina gained valuable experience while working in communities across South Africa, London, and the USA, providing care and support to people from diverse cultures.

As a Live Coach, she now assists others in improving their relationships, enhancing their health, and finding meaning in their everyday lives. By sharing her infectious energy and positive outlook, Christina guides her clients on an exciting journey of personal growth and development.

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