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Hello ya beautiful creature!

Thanks for popping into my corner o’ goodness. I want to share my perspective (decades of adulting) so as to save yourself some pain. The f*ckery & shenanigans that I perpetrated in my twenties (and let’s face it, in my 30s and 40s) resulted in some colossally poor decision making. And at the time, I either thought what I was doing was a usual course of action or actually a good idea.

*music* Let’s go back in time….

I started young. I spent my pre-school years being pulled from the tops of chain link fences, often with my trusty scooter/tricycle [PS toys sucked in the 70s] trying to get into the tennis courts to ride on the smooth surface (made me go SO FAST).

In kindergarten, my sweet teacher was trying to teach us about our last names. She grilled me: didn’t I have a name that went after Melissa? Wasn’t there another word that went with Melissa? Suddenly, it dawned on me. Of course there was! I heard it all the time. Proudly I announced that my full name was “Melissa Goddammit” (Melissa Goddammit, get off the roof. Melissa Goddammit, give me those matches. etc etc).

I generally took a beating on the daily. Once I realized that I was going to get it either way, made sense to me to do whatever the hell I wanted. I remember nearly making it to the top of a six-foot chain link fence, then watching blood roll from where I was stuck in said fence, how amazing the vista was off our back roof, trying to climb onto the top of our grey station wagon as my mom drove, oblivious.

That sense of curiosity and immunity to common sense has factored greatly through the years. There was a lot of fun to be had and I enjoyed every minute. Decades later, I have a few things I would point out to young me that would have reduced the dangers and big bads. Leading right to you, ya lucky devil! You are here where I will share my thoughts on how you can avoid the traps I set for myself (while enjoying the good stuff, natch).

Check back with me and I will share stories from my 20s.

Onward and upward!

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