Mental Health. Bruh.

Hello my fellow earthling!

This week I’ve been thinking about how I have variously shut down through ye olde decades when life got ridonculously stressful. Not my fave trait of moiself. I mean, you know being kind to ourselves is my jam–treat ourselves kindly, as we would a friend. Eesh, that can be so flipping difficult to do, though.

I have goals and a fab plan to help oh-so-many people avoid crappollini that kicked me in the teeth through the years. To show loveys that resilience is a learnable skill. That if we can consider a brighter path, we can drag that sucker into reality.

Having unprocessed trauma lingering within us is a sh!t way to live. The stress of that eradicated my ability to function in any meaningful way, seduced me into self medicating with busy-ness & alcohol, and clouded my understanding of myself.

Each of us has tools to fight back and regain our lives. Our resilience can be strengthened. Please open yourself to the idea that life does not have to be ratchet. Mental health–anxiety, depression, ADHD–can be managed (pain in the tookus, and central to a joyous life).

Life being anything other than akin to being dragged over glass shards seemed impossible to me for fricking decades. I kept trying–doing painful rounds of talk therapy, kept finding ways to get psychiatric care and finally, as I rounded into my 50’s, I could see the possibility.

Please, find how to process your past sooner than later (as I did–later just means more suffering). Now I actually awaken excited to see what goodness abounds. If someone had told me about this sort of excitement to meet the day when I was in my 30’s/40’s, I’d have backed away carefully from the obvi hallucinating person yammering about some nonexistent dreamscape.

We’ve got this–I’m alive writing this and you, lovey, are alive reading it.

All the hugs,


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