Taking Responsibility

Why do we have to fix our own damn selves, Lovey?

Fun fact: 👇


People and events happen that jack you up and you’re left broken. Stewing about what happened, venting ceaselessly about it, pointing out how you were wronged…yeah none of that helps mend the brokenness.


So here you are, having all the feels and no one to fix it for ya. Frick. You can repeat the steps above ad nauseum or you can take responsibility for your life, happiness, mindset, and emotions and work that shafizzle out. Even if you were wronged. Even if you were completely faultless. I’m not into sipping poison and waiting for someone else to die, so I recommend knocking off the blame-a-thon.


Things happen that injure us. Our prehistoric brain gets a charge outta playing the victim. The only one who can fix you? Buckle up, buttercup, that person is your very own self.

Here’s the thing, lovey:


You are the CEO of you. You have thoughts and feelings and you can control them. Take if from me. I used to be so consumed by anger at what happened to me as a kid I would have told you to fly a damn kite if you said I could run my emotional show.


We can sit, observe our feelings, and release those mofos.


Same for our thoughts.


Every thought you have is not gold (no matter what anyone told you).

That is part of what I coach. We must be able to direct our minds to truth and regulate our emotions so we can see situations for what they are rather than get lost in emotional tsunamis (emotiamis?).

Since we can redirect our thoughts and emotions when they want to carry us down to dysfunction town, we get to shape our response rather than fly off on a rant or blaze another blamefest.


Taking responsibility for our lives lets us have some flipping control–when you take responsibility for your situation, you rock that “I have the power to make my own choices and change my circumstances.”

This can be ridonculously empowering, especially when you’re stuck, unable to see anything interesting or anything other than your pain.


Being able to breathe in our power and coat yourself in that special sauce of owning your experiences, your being, your beautiful miracle of this life wrests power from others and lifts you into youar badassery.


Standing fully in our presence helps you learn and grow: When you take responsibility for your craptastic point of view, you learn how to do things differently in the future. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to avoid making the same mistake twice (or three times, or four times… you get the idea).

Taking responsibility is brave and powerful. If you’re always blaming others or external factors for your problems, you’re going to get stuck in a cycle of resentment and anger.


Trust me, it’s not a good look. By owning your experience in this world, you can release negative emotions and embrace the positive.


Plus, it’s just way more fun to play the blame game when you’re the one who’s always right (jk not possible to ‘always’ anything).


Let’s recap, shall we? Ditching the oh-so-human tendency to assign blame to any-damn-one but ourselves pales in comparison to owning our lives, taking charge of this magical journey through space & time, and rocking our authentic joy.


Join me on my mission to increase joy worldwide. It starts with us.

PS Interested in learning how to rock joy? Sign up for a call at https://calendly.com/zfgliving/zfg-living-intro-call

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